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GAS Analysis was organised from its origin in the Netherlands by the Dutch Standards Institute (NEN) and ISO/TC 158 “Analysis of gases”. The international event GAS Analysis Symposium & Exhibition continues its improvement under a new organisation and abroad: the CFM appearing as a choice, committed and logical partner will carry out the organisation of GAS Analysis.

The organisation is supported by an Organising Committee and a Scientific Committee consisting of experienced persons covering the various fields of gas analysis. The Organising Committee is involved in the overall organisation of GAS Analysis event whereas the Scientific Committee is responsible for the symposium programme and poster session by evaluating the abstracts submitted and compiling the symposium programme.

Organising Committee

The Organisating Committee consists of the following 8 members:

  • Annarita BALDAN, VSL (The Netherlands)

  • Paul BREWER, NPL (United-Kingdom)

  • Martine CARRÉ, Air Liquide (France)
  • Ortwin COSTENOBLE, PAC | AC Analytical Controls (The Netherlands)

  • Jack DE JONG, Air Liquide (The Netherlands)
  • Etienne SMITH, AP2E (France)


  • Valentijn VAN MISPELAAR, Shell Global Solutions International (The Netherlands)

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee consists of the following 12 members:

  • Annarita BALDAN, VSL (The Netherlands)

  • Paul BREWER, NPL (United-Kingdom)

  • Kevin CLEAVER, BOC | The Linde Group (United-Kingdom)

  • Ortwin COSTENOBLE, PAC | AC Analytical Controls (The Netherlands)

  • Jack DE JONG, Air Liquide (The Netherlands)
  • Paul HOLLAND, EffecTech (United-Kingdom)

  • Tracey JACKSIER, Air Liquide (North America)
  • Heinrich KIPPHARDT, BAM (Germany)

  • Tatiana MACÉ, LNE (France)

  • Stefan PERSIJN, VSL (The Netherlands)

  • Lucio TADDEO, CETIAT (France)

  • Valentijn VAN MISPELAAR, Shell Global Solutions International (The Netherlands)

About the CFM – Collège Français de Métrologie

The CFM is a French not-for-profit association in the field of metrology with an industrial vocation with almost 700 members. The CFM aims at disseminating the good practices for measurement and metrology over people of the measurement world through various actions. One of the actions concerns the biennial International Metrology Congress (CIM), which shows many similarities with the GAS Analysis Event. Given their experience, targeted audience and field of activities, the CFM becomes the official organiser of GAS Analysis and aspires to deliver an event that will meet the expectations of the gas analysis community.

About NEN

NEN, the Netherlands Standardization Institute, is legally set up as a private non-for-profit organisation that was founded in 1916. NEN is the Dutch knowledge centre for standards and rules and is the official institute in the Netherlands for publishing standards. As such, NEN represents the Netherlands as member in international and European standardisation organisations (ISO and IEC, and CEN and CENELEC, respectively). NEN has broad experience in holding the secretariat of international and European technical committees and working groups that are active in specifying products, processes, systems, test methods or certification. Over the years, NEN has managed and participated in research, trade support and twinning projects, and inter-laboratory studies. Many of these activities concern application of standards and building of national harmonisation and implementation of technical legislation. These projects have been executed in relation to law definition, metrological institutionalisation, certification bodies, accreditation authorities and lab or product assessment. NEN was in charge of the organisation of GAS Analysis event until 2021.

Partners of GAS Analysis 2024