Special GAS Analysis 2019 edition of ACQUAL

The publisher of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (ACQUAL) has offered the GAS Analysis 2019 organisation to publish the proceedings in a special issue. Speakers and poster presenters will have the opportunity to publish their research findings with a short or full paper in this journal for quality, comparability and reliability in chemical measurement, subject to peer review.

To allow interested parties to make use of this opportunity, the deadline for submitting an abstract for lecture or poster presentation has been extended till 15 December 2018. Experts are are advised to submit their abstract online.


Accreditation and Quality Assurance (ACQUAL) has established itself as the leading information and discussion forum for all aspects relevant to quality, transparency and reliability of measurement results in chemical and biological sciences. The journal serves the information needs of researchers, practitioners and decision makers dealing with quality assurance and quality management, including the development and application of metrological principles and concepts such as traceability or measurement uncertainty in the following fields: environment, nutrition, consumer protection, geology, metallurgy, pharmacy, forensics, clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, and microbiology.


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