INTERVIEW The force of the international GAS Analysis event

Interview with Jack de Jong, Air Liquide

Since its humble beginnings in 1999, as a try-out in the Evoluon in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the international gas analysis symposium and exhibition has grown into a unique event that has acquired global renown in the gas analysis sector. This year will mark the tenth iteration of this event. GAS Analysis 2017 welcomed more than 230 people from thirty countries on every continent. Major organisations gather to share the latest developments and innovations pertaining to the use of gases in the fields of health, safety, and the environment, the energy supply chain, as well as laboratory and process analysis.

During a three-day symposium programme, more than fifty experts will present their latest research results and innovations. About thirty-five international companies and institutions will show their latest technologies, products and services at the exhibition floor, which will also offer room for scientific posters. On top of that, GAS Analysis always provides plenty of opportunities for networking and establishing new contacts.

GAS Analysis is organised every two years by NEN, the Dutch network for standardisation, in collaboration with ISO/TC 158 “Analyses of gases.” Jack de Jong has been involved in the organisation of GAS Analysis since its inception and explains what makes each edition of this event such a success.

Please introduce yourself and explain your role in the GAS Analysis event?

My name is Jack de Jong and I work at Air Liquide, one of the largest gas companies in the world. Air Liquide is active in the gas production sector. We supply gases and related services to the industry, healthcare, pharmaceutical sector and laboratories. I have been active at an international level in the field of specialty gases for more than thirty years now. These gases are used for analysis equipment in laboratories and the control of production processes. Air Liquide has been involved in the GAS Analysis event as main sponsor since the first edition. I have been part of the organisation committee since that time as well.

Describe the GAS Analysis event in three sentences. How would you explain it to someone who doesn’t know anything about it?

Personally, I always enjoy the event. Not because of my own involvement, but because it is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in my sector, speak with people who I otherwise would not have met that easily, and network with other attendees. On top of that, it has always been a successful event for Air Liquide from a commercial perspective.

Why should I participate in this event?

The event is highly valued by presenting the latest developments in the fields of laboratory analysis, process analysis and metrology. It is a great opportunity to meet international relations and prospects, and promote new products and services to a highly dedicated audience. Last but not least, it is simply a great event that always includes an excellent social dinner event.

Who am I going to meet?

The event always brings together experts and academia from national and international institutions and renowned industries who are eager to discuss and present their latest developments, research results and experiences. Furthermore, there is an informative symposium, a poster area, possibility to take part in short courses, and an exhibition floor with a diverse group of companies and institutions from all over the world.

Who should definitely attend GAS Analysis 2019?

Policy makers, technical staff, analysts, manufacturers and end users who work with gas analysis in a variety of fields, from clean energy to the healthcare sector.

This year will mark the tenth edition. People from all over the world attend the event. Why is it so popular?

Besides an innovative symposium programme and friendly ambience, we always try to find a venue that is easily accessible and offers plenty of entertainment and opportunities for relaxation in addition to the event itself. Although that is not our primary concern, it is a nice side effect. This year, the event will be held in the Fokker Terminal, the former training centre for Fokker Aircraft. The Hangar and the presentation spaces are perfect for our needs and The Hague is a great city. GAS Analysis is an ideal place for people to network and exchange their knowledge of gases. Companies can present their innovative products, technologies and services and make the event a resounding commercial success.


GAS Analysis 2019 offers a symposium programme with two parallel sessions and seven different themes related to tackling the global challenges in the areas concerned. A new feature is the possibility to take part in a short course about accreditation in the gas analysis sector and/or about resolving problems with gas chromatography. Scientific posters are also part of the event’s programme where authors explain their work. The best lecture and the best poster will receive an award..

The exhibition floor is open during the entire event. It is the perfect place to network, meet up with clients, prospects and experts, and introduce innovative products, technologies and services.

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