GAS Analysis Event is the leading international symposium and exhibition for gas analysis manufacturers, technical staff and end-users, presenting the latest developments in laboratory, process analysis, metrology and sensor technology and their applications.

We are pleased that the GAS Analysis 2021 Sponsoring & Exhibition prospectus is available, to be updated to 2022 following the postponement of the event, containing various options to expose your organisation to a targeted audience.

We offer several premium sponsorship packages as summarised below: 

a    See Exhibition section for more information about the exhibition packages.

b    Gold sponsors have a time-slot in the sponsored session. The lecture should meet the acceptance criteria for scientific lectures.

c    See prospectus for more information about standard promotion.


In addition, we offer various other sponsorship opportunities to expose your company to a targeted audience, like:

  • Opening ceremony and opening reception
  • Lunch sponsor (per day)
  • Dinner sponsor
  • Network app sponsor
  • Speaker’s Corner sponsor
  • Lanyard & badge sponsor
  • Promotional banner at the exhibition floor
  • Advertisement in registration portfolio

More information to increase exposure at GAS Analysis 2022 is available in our prospectus. Already decided to become a sponsor of GAS Analysis 2022? Complete the GAS Analysis 2021 Sponsoring & Exhibition contract to ensure your sponsor partnership! The sooner you join us, the more you benefit from our communications.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information about becoming a sponsor of GAS Analysis 2022 or if you have other ideas to showcase your company.

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