Creating impact by improving reliability and accuracy of results: the contribution of international standards developed by ISO/TC 158

Opening lecture by Adriaan van der Veen, chairperson ISO/TC 158

ISO/TC158 “Analysis of gases” develops documentary standards related to the chemical analysis of gases. Most of the activities relate to the preparation of calibration gas mixtures, certificates, calibration approaches of analysers, and the performance characteristics of such analysers. ISO/TC 158 has 6 working groups, of which one is a joint working group with ISO/TC 197 “Hydrogen”.

Since 2015, ISO 6141 (certificates), ISO 6142-1 (gravimetric gas mixture preparation), ISO 7504 (vocabulary) have been technically revised and published. The key changes and their rationale are presented. New documentary standards published by ISO/TC158 are ISO 12963 (one- and two-point calibration approaches) and ISO 19229 (purity analysis). These new standards are briefly introduced.

Ongoing projects include a document describing the metrological traceability and quality assurance in gas analysis (ISO 14167), the introduction to the ISO 6145 series of standards, and parts 6 (dynamic preparation using critical orifices) and 7 (dynamic preparation using mass flow controllers). The updating of ISO 14912 (conversion of quantities expressing composition) has just started, which was triggered by the fact that the atomic weights were updated. ISO 6142-1 is being supplemented by a part 2, describing gravimetric gas mixture preparation in connection with an alternative approach for the verification of such mixtures, involving statistically valid sampling schemes. ISO 21087 is being prepared, which will describe the validation of analytical methods to be used in assuring the quality of hydrogen for fuel cells applications.

Ssee ISO/TC 158 website for published standards and standards under drafting.

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