Focus on sulphur compound analysis: Real time monitoring of sulphur compounds at low ppb level using direct SIFT MS – Comparison of this novel technique with sulphur compound analysis using GC-MS and GC-FPD/PFPD

Wilco Agterhuis, Interscience (NL)

SIFT-MS (Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry) is a powerful tool for high-throughput and real-time gas analysis applications. Fast quantitative analysis is achieved by applying precisely controlled soft chemical ionization and eliminating sample preparation, pre-concentration and chromatography.
The presented instrument provides non-technical operators with laboratory-grade chemical analysis, and  analyses trace amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases in air. In this presentation this novel technique is compared with chromatography based methods like GC-MS and GC-FPD/PFPD.  Application examples are shown of Sulphur compound analysis in ambient air, natural gas and hydrocarbon mixtures at ppb and sub-ppb concentration levels.


Pen Profile

Wilco Agterhuis has studied Analytical Chemistry, and has been working for Interscience since 1985. After working in different gas chromatography application fields, he specialised in analyser systems and instrument development. He is currently working as product manager for Global Analyser Solutions, the Interscience branding for GC Analysers with worldwide distribution.

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