Assessment of sampling and analytical methods for total silicon quantification in biogases

Vincent Chatain, Université de Lyon / INSA Lyon (FR)

Present waste management strategies approval biogases (LandFill Gases (LFGs) and Digester Gases (DGs)) valorization as it develops a way for energy politics. Though, Volatile Organic Silicon Compounds (VOSiCs) present into LFGs/DGs seriously harm valorization systems and compromise the conversion into heat and/or electricity by power plants, resulting in a high purification level requirement. In this context, VOSiCs constitute a singular case indeed, because no consensus has been reached to provide a standardized sampling and quantification of these components into gases due to their physicochemical properties, their diversity and the omnipresence of silicon in analytical chains. The objective of this study is therefore to inventory and evaluate available technologies in industrial conditions for the sampling and analysis of VOSiCs in biogases, based on an extensive bibliography and feedback from industrial experience. Some devices were so tested in order to determine measurement quality. These apparatus were tested in the laboratory and also on industrial sites, which enabled us to prove their adaptability and determine whether it would be a useful technique for process follow-up.


Pen Profile

Vincent Chatain is an Associate Professor at INSA Lyon (France) in DEEP laboratory (Wastes Water Environment Materials). He is currently Director of the European undergraduate engineering department EURINSA. His educational background is in environmental sciences and biogeochemistry. He holds a Ph-D in 2004 in environmental geochemistry from INSA Lyon. During his Ph-D, he worked during 6 months as a doctoral fellow in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN, USA). From 2005 to 2007, he was Consulting Engineer – ChargĂ© d’Affaires in environment and sustainable development at GIRUS design office. He joined INSA Lyon in 2007 and his major field of research concerns the fate of inorganic contaminants and/or disadvantageous compounds in soils, sediments, wastes and biogases. He has developed knowledge in the environmental and biogeochemical characterization of complex matrices (solid or gas). He is currently involved in research dealing with the assessment of sampling and analytical methods for total Silicon quantification in biogases. His actual research interests are also dealing with the evaluation of biogeochemical reactivity of sediments in the perspective of their long-term management. He cooperates with private companies in research and has been involved in European research programs. He is involved in scientific committees of a number of organizations and institutes. He teaches general chemistry, thermodynamics and environmental geochemistry in engineering school.

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