Innovative technologies for analysis in the process industry

Daniel Reiser, Air Liquide (DE)

Syngas is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon usually formed by gasification of coal, solid waste or other carbon containing fuel at high temperatures (>700C) and subsequently used as a feedstock for the Fisher Tropsch process for  gas to liquid production.  Gasification of coal typically produces a stream which contains moisture, particulates, carbonyls and corrosive gases as well as mercury, arsenic, cadmium and H2S. Impurities must be sufficiently removed prior to subsequent process steps as they can poison the catalysts.  Contaminants can also contribute to erosion and corrosion of critical plant components.

While it has been possible to analyze most trace contaminants in the syngas streams off line, there is a strong requirement for real-time on line analysis.  To achieve these objectives there has been a focus on spectroscopic techniques for real time measurements within the various process streams.  Raman spectroscopy is particularly well suited to analyze synthesis gas components, such as H2, N2, O2, CH4, CO, CO2 etc. for real time applications, which makes it very interesting for the use in monitoring and control of gaseous streams in steam methane reformer technology of natural gas feedstocks to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Raman spectroscopy offers a rich variety of sampling options which enable multiple remote measurement points with varying temperature, pressure and matrix constituents to be collected simultaneously with one instrument.


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New Innovative Analysis Technologies plays an important role for process development and optimization. Raman Spectroscopy is suitable for diverse applications, particularly for online applications in Syngas Processes. Gas NEN Conference is an opportunity for us to share our approaches in Process Analysis, exchange of latest developments and exchange with other professionals. Groupmanager at Airliquide Research and Development in the field of Analytical Science. Competencies in Process analysis, Gas, Solid and Liquid analysis.

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