How and why did Takachiho get Japan’s first calibration gas MRA accreditation?

Maki Egami, Takachiho Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd. (JP)

Takachiho Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.’s Standard Gases Plant, Machida Facility in Tokyo, Japan recently (November 11, 2016) renewed its JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) Accreditation as an ISO/IEC 17025 Standard Gases Calibration Laboratory this time WITH additional accreditation as an ISO Guide 34 certified Standard Gas Manufacturer within the scope of its JCSS. This means that Takachiho is now Japan’s first and only company that meets the requirement of MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) of ILAC (ISO 17025) and APLAC (ISO 17025 and Guide 34) as a standard reference material manufacturer for Standard Gases–e.g, NO/N2, N2O/Air, CH4/ Air, C3H8/Air, CO2/N2, etc.  This lecture will describe our background in why we needed this accreditation and how we achieved it.


Pen Profile

Maki Egami is the president of both Takachiho Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd, and Takachiho Trading Co. Ltd. Ms Egami joined Takachiho in 1995 as a Corporate Planning Director. Soon after, she also assumed responsibility as the head of the Trading Department. Prior to joining Takachiho, she worked at Osaka Sanso Kogyo in Osaka, Japan as a business development manager, and at The BOC Group in Murray Hill, NJ, USA, as a planner, business analyst, and system specialist. She has a B.A. degree in both Economics and Behavioral Science from the University of Chicago, and an M.S. degree in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Sloan School of Management. Her entrepreneurial interest led her to become a founding board member of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Japan.

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