Improved surface treatment optimizes the response time of Picarro ammonia analyzer to meet the requirements of agricultural and environmental NH3 monitoring

Rob Peters, Picarro Inc. (US)

Ammonia emissions from agricultural and industrial activities have become an ever more important topic both for scientists as well as for regulatory bodies due to the severe impacts of ammonia on human health and the environment. Accurate and reliable measurements of atmospheric NH3 emissions are challenging due to i) the difficulty to obtain traceable reference material and ii) the physical and chemical properties of the NH3 molecule itself which poses a challenge for real time measurements.

The Picarro G2103 cavity ring-down spectrometer has been used in many scientific as well as industrial applications, where accuracy, ease of use and long term stability (low drift) are crucial. Measuring accurate ammonia emissions while keeping short response times are hindered by the strong adsorption of the NH3 molecule on wetted surfaces, and require the sample handling components to be coated or made of non-adhesive materials.

Here we present the latest technical innovations of the Picarro analyzer which include a new coating solution for the wetted surfaces of the analyzer and an overall improved sample handling, both with the aim to further decrease the response time and therefore increase the performance for real time ammonia monitoring.


Pen Profile

Rob Peters has obtained his master in (medical) biology in 2015 from the Radboud University Nijmegen in The Netherlands. After his study, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry (clinical department) developing protocols and managing clinical phase studies.
In 2012 Rob Peters joined Picarro and is responsible for the European, Middle East and African market.
Picarro is a leading provider of instruments and systems to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases and stable isotopes across scientific, industrial and commercial energy applications. Patented Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) is the core of all Picarro instruments and systems, enabling the detection of target molecules at parts-per-billion resolution.

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