Alternative use of FTIR for the analysis of industrial gases emission

Igor Dyakov, Institut Scientifique de Service Public (BE)

This work is dedicated to the evaluation of potential broadening the data conventionally characterized by the Standard Reference Methods (SRM) to the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), that have a wide measuring range of organic and inorganic species. The method FTIR is under enhancement to be considered as a reference method by a European standardization working group CEN/TC264/WG36. The present study has a link to the integrated efforts of that group since the organization of ISSeP is involved in many environmental services including regular monitoring of the industrial gas emissions to the atmosphere. The majority of the sites incorporate power plants burning the biomass fuel, waste incinerator plants, wood pellets and chips production, fibreboard (MDF) industry, etc. The exhaust gases from different industries have variations in the composition. Among the usual pollution components various fractions specific for the given industry can be found. The purpose of this work is to elaborate a measuring routine for different industrial sectors, to study the influence among different components of the exhaust in accordance with the gas matrix specifics to the industry; to determine the limit of detection and measurement uncertainty that can be reasonably achieved. The results of the simultaneous measurements by means of both, the appropriate reference methods (SRM) and FTIR performed in the laboratory conditions and in the field for a number of industrial sites allowing for the determination of the method reproducibility are represented.


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Ph.D. in chemical science in a field of chemistry of combustion.


Experimental study and modeling of combustion and complex gas-phase chemical kinetics;

Experimental study of particulate matter emission from biomass combustion;

Monitoring and control of industrial emissions.

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