Industry development and trends in packaging gases

Lex van Leeuwen, Linde Group Benelux (NL)

Gases are used for a variety of applications, such as welding, food processing, medical treatment and in analytical measurements. Each application has its own special requirements on cylinder size and related equipment. And for analytical purposes, compatibility of the cylinder material has a high impact on the stability of the gas. Gas cylinders have been used for over 125 years and many improvements have been introduced over the years. Not only new materials have been introduced but also the internal treatment has evolved over the years. This is also valid for the valves that our connected to the cylinder. This lecture will demonstrate the changes and developments of gas cylinders and valves the impact on the purity and stability of gases. And, will show future trends in development of cylinders and valves. Besides changes in material form steel to aluminium, composite cylinders are becoming more common. But also gas volume, need for more gas per package (so higher pressure) is asked. And the ongoing digitalization has also its impact on the cylinder valve. Impact on these variables will be discussed to provide a good overview of the impact on product quality, stability and user interface of the different changes.


Pen Profile

Lex van Leeuwen has over 30 years of experience in the field of Specialty Gases. He has worked in different roles from production, supply, to marketing and sales. This has given him a broad experience and deep knowledge of gases, hardware and related applications. After working for 12 years in the Global Linde Organization supporting customers and colleagues, his focus is supporting Western European in the area of Research & Education. In the role as Business Development Manager, knowledge sharing with customers and colleagues is tantamount with the input and feedback being used as a continuous source for new products and developments

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