Customer field experience with LNG probe vaporizer and alternative analysis

Hans-Peter Visser, ASaP (NL)

Proper vaporization of LNG means a homogeneous and representative mixture of natural gas at the outlet of the vaporizer. Due to the cryogenic nature, the temperature and the sub-cooled condition of the LNG are real issues. The LNG starts to boil around -162°C which causes partial vaporization resulting in unreliable sampling and analysis. Especially with low pressure LNG applications, the LNG in the process line and the sample are nearly at their bubble point.

Examples are given of applications of low and high pressure LNG samples, these are discussed with comments of end-users and lessons learned. Via an endoscope into the LNG, movies will be shown to illustrate the behavior of low pressure LNG at the tip of the tip of the LNG sample probe. It will be a combined presentation with an end-users.

Traditionally Gas Chromatographs (GC’s) are used for analysis of the gasified LNG. Additional tests have been performed with alternative principle of measurement analysers and these are compared to a GC. The pro’s and con’s will be given in an overview from the user point of view.


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Personal introduction
I’m part of the management, sales, and R&D team. I’m focusing on what I like to do: the combination of technique and customer interaction. My business goal is to be the best analytical partner for our customers with ASaP (A+). I started as a mechanical engineer; meanwhile, I’ve studied chemical engineering/process technology. I’ve worked for several Dutch system integrators in the past, before I started ASaP.
Started 1989; founded ASaP in 2000. Engineering, production, service, R&D of analyzers and systems.
ISO-TC-193-SC3-WG5: Wet Gas Sampling committe.
IEC-SC65B-WG14 Analyzing Equipment committee;
• NEN-EN-IEC 61285: Industrial – Process Control – Safety of analyser houses. (Dutch Platform Analyzers).
• IEC-65B-772 Sampling and Conditioning LNG for Continuous Analysis.

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