Short courses

New feature at GAS Analysis 2019 is the possibility to participate in a half-day short course to learn more about a specific topic in the field of analysis of gases. Attending a short course will be awarded with a certificate of participation.

GAS Analysis 2019 offers two short courses: one dealing with accreditation in gas analysis and one dealing with practical maintenance and troubleshooting in gas chromatography. This page provides a description about what you can expect at the short course concerned. If interested to participate in a short course, you are requested to indicate this when completing the registration form. It is also possible to register for the short course only.

Short course: Accreditation in gas analysis

Teacher: Rob Wessel

Description: Revised editions of ISO 17034, General requirements for the competence of reference material producers and ISO/IEC 17025, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories have been published in 2016 and 2017, respectively. This short course will explain all key changes in these two important international standards. Also the differences in application related to the gas analysis domain will be discussed. In addition, the short course will explain in detail how correct implementation of the international standards developed and published by ISO/TC 158 “Analysis of gases” can help you to successfully prepare for accreditation against ISO 17034 and/or ISO/IEC 17025.

Short course: Practical maintenance and troubleshooting in gas chromatography

Teacher: Jaap de Zeeuw International Specialist Gas Chromatography, Restek Corporation

Description: In gas chromatography (GC), 90% of the trouble experienced is happening in the injection system. In this short course we will discuss the purpose and impact of critical parts (consumables) present in split and splitless injection systems, and how they can impact your results.

We will discuss the practical maintenance challenges for split and splitless injection techniques. We will zoom in carrier gas choice and purity, tubing, connections, septa, ferrules, seals, liners, column-coupling, installation and column maintenance. Practical tips and tricks will be shared, which allow you to recognise and solve majority of GC challenges. Examples will be discussed by real, practical examples. Some basic knowledge of GC separations is recommended.

During the discussions, we also will share details on predicting and optimise separations using computer modelling as well as the latest developments on surface deactivation techniques to passivate analytical systems.

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