Poster presentations

Poster presentations

The scientific posters are displayed at the exhibition floor during the full 3 days. All participants are encouraged to have a look at all posters to learn more about new developments. Poster presenters will be available during one of the breaks to answer your questions and to discuss with you the possibilities of future research, development and demonstration. Participants are also ask to rate the posters for the ‘Best Poster Award’. The following posters will be presented:

P.01Evaluation of a GC/BID system for trace component analysis in environmental and energy-related applications by Adriaan van der Veen, VSL (NL)

P.02The Dumarey equation versus VSL’s novel primary mercury vapour generator by Ruben Ziel, VSL (NL)

P.03European Metrology Network on Energy by Annarita Baldan, VSL (NL)

P.04 – Verification gas chromatography for analysis rich lean LNG product at Badak LNG by Dwiyoga Sakti Lalang, PT Badak NGL (IN)

P.05Using CRDS-based continuous process analyzers in unmanned air separation units by Erica Coyne, Tiger Optics (US)

P.06Improving dynamically prepared nitrogen dioxide reference gas mixtures by Maitane Iturrate-Garcia, METAS (CH)

P.07Developments in the metrological traceability of LNG reference standards by Joey Walker, EffecTech (GB)

P.08Metrology for stable isotope reference standards by Paul Brewer, NPL (GB)

P.09A single calibration for nitrogen background gas will suffice for trace moisture measurement in natural gas mixtures by Nobuo Takeda, Ball Wave Inc. (CN)

P.10Long-term test to determine the stability of multicomponent hydrocarbon gas mixtures and sulphur compounds gas mixture by Laura Gagni, SIAD (IT)

P.11Production of stable formaldehyde gas mixtures in nitrogen at ppm level by Maurizio Tintori, SIAD (IT)

P.12The heterogeneity effects on dTDLAS-based CO sensor for industrial emission monitoring applications by Zhechau Qu, PTB (DE)

P.13Passivation of transport cylinders for low concentration gas standards by Luke Latham-Wheawall, Keele University (GB)

P.14Modelling of composition changes in liquid hydrocarbon mixtures used for analyzer calibration by Joachim Barbe, Messer Group (DE)

P.15Capabilities for gas analysis within the Nouryon Expert Capability Center by Theo Jelink, Nouryon (NL)

P.16An evaluation of the performance of hygrometers typically used to measure trace water in hydrogen fuel for vehicles by Stephanie Bell, NPL (GB)

P.17Verification of calibration gases for energy measurement in Germany by Heinrich Kipphardt, BAM (DE)

P.18Preparation of sulfides reference material and equimolar response in sulfur chemiluminescence chromatography by Weikang Wang, Sichuan Zhongce RM Co. (CN)

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