Opening session

Traditionally, GAS Analysis will be opened with a plenary session at the exhibition floor with an inspiring lecture linking analysis of gases with one of today’s challenges. One of these challenges is to make the process industry more sustainable with respect to use of raw materials and energy efficiency. In other words, in which way the process industry needs to make the transition in view of the circular (bio-based) economy, tackling climate change and Industry 4.0. Our opening’s keynote will address this challenge to which gas analysis will certainly contribute.

Opening speech by Executive Director A.SPIRE

We are excited that Àngels Orduña Cao will provide the opening speech at GAS Analysis 2019. She runs the SPIRE Association (A.SPIRE), representing the private side in the SPIRE Public Private Partnership (Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency). The mission of A.SPIRE is to ensure the development of enabling technologies and best practices along all the stages of large scale existing value chain productions that will contribute to a resource efficient process industry.

SPIRE represents innovative process industries, 20 % of the total European manufacturing sector in employment and turnover, and more than 130 industrial and research process stakeholders from over a dozen countries spread throughout Europe. SPIRE brings together cement, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, minerals and ores, non-ferrous metals, steel and water sectors, several being world-leading sectors operating from Europe.

Àngels Orduña Cao is a seasoned EU and international collaboration leader with proven track record championing success in technology and business development through multi-partner, multi-country and multidisciplinary collaboration. With an academic background in International Relations, she has managed and led a number of RDI projects in the EU and Canada in technology areas related to value chain productions and enabling technologies such as ICT, energy, renewables, environment, advanced materials or manufacturing. She has shown great ability to translate technological concepts to market opportunities and to link partners’ commitment through a win-win perspective.

Opening lecture by ISO/TC 158 chairman

The GAS Analysis events are co-organised by ISO/TC 158, the technical committee under ISO, the international organisation for standardisation, involved with the analysis of gases. Effectively, this technical committee prepares written standards describing methods to prepare and compare calibration gases and gas mixtures by metrological institutes and (calibration) gas suppliers. This is an ongoing process, as the technical possibilities and the market needs increase over time.

ISO/TC 158 provides standards which enhance quality control and handling of products and proper determination of uncertainty. These experts’ documents avoid the risks of producing quality data that are not sound and harmonized worldwide, and they ascertain a smooth and reliable worldwide transaction of petroleum, industrial and other gases. The chairman of ISO/TC 158, Adriaan van der Veen, will inform the participants about the latest development, future activities as well as how participants can benefit from taking part in the standardisation activities.

Adriaan van der Veen is working as senior scientist at VSL. He is responsible for the maintenance and development of the national measurement standards for chemistry. VSL is the national metrology institute of the Netherlands.
In the past years, he has been coordinating the European R&D project “Metrology for Bias”, aimed at developing measurement standards and related methods for the contents of key impurities, particulates, water and thermophysical properties of biomethane and biogas.

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