Synspec & LSE Monitors

Stand number: 30

As a result of the growing global population

and the increase in industrial activity and

mobility, the quality of air and water is getting

worse at many places on our planet.


Synspec and her sister-company LSE Monitors develop and supply field equipment that is necessary to validate measures that are implemented for improving the water and air quality.

Synspec focusses on hydrocarbons in air and water by using online gas chromatography systems, while LSE Monitors focusses on specific unwanted components by using laser technology.


Contact information

Contact persons: Mr Hans Marcuse and Mr Michael Rijpkema

Phone: +31 50 526 6454


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Visiting address: De Deimten 1 | 9747 AV Groningen | The Netherlands


+31 (0)15 2 690 147