Sichuan Zhongce RM

Stand number: 8

Based on the technical advantages of National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (NIMTT) of China, Sichuan Zhongce RM Co., Ltd. has held a series of key patents on preparation and analysis of gases and obtained hundreds of Chinese CRMs as well. Many key techniques are at the leading level in China including transferring trace materials, coating the inner wall of cylinder, preparing the calibration gases with trace and complex components, automated preparation.

We have particularly developed a series of RMs for calibration gas preparation and research of trace poly-components VOCs in cylinder which fully meet the requirements of monitoring standards of EPA and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of PRC. Moreover, we have developed several patented instruments for gases such as the gas dilution device based on ISO 6145-6 with few corrosion and lower adsorption, the piston cylinder for liquefied gases, automated injection device for GC etc.

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