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Founded in Bergamo in 1927, SIAD supplies a full range of industrial, specialty, food and medical gases, in addition to operating in the following sectors connected with the world of gases: engineering, healthcare, LPG and natural gas.

SIAD is growing thanks to a flexible and dynamic organisation and the company values: the utmost quality, reliability and professionalism.

Why our national and international customers choose SIAD for specialty gases and calibration mixtures? Because they share our philosophy that measurement is a serious matter and trust our huge and proven experience in the production of specialty gases and calibration of equipment for analytic measurement, confirmed by our accreditations by ACCREDIA.

SIAD, since 15 December 2001, has become Italy’s first LAT accredited Calibration Centre for the preparation of gas mixtures. Our laboratory is accredited as a LAT Calibration Centre according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and as Certified Reference Materials Producer RMP N°143 according to ISO 17034:2016.

SIAD’s accreditation is one of the widest in Europe, offering Gaseous Reference Materials and calibrations, both of gas mixtures and detectors, for air quality and emission monitoring, vehicle exhaust emissions, natural gas, odorants, refinery gas, moisture and ethyl alcohol analysis.

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