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Orthodyne, your expert in gas chromatography!

Orthodyne is a world leader manufacturer of gas chromatographs and has specialized in providing customers with a complete solution. Active for more than 50 years in that field, Orthodyne is proud to have all the big gas producers among its customers.

Our slogan “Your expert in gas chromatography!” describes our know-how, our involvement and our professionalism to guide you all along the process and supply you a complete solution including Orthodyne GCs but also, if required for the application, external analysers from our suppliers. The whole installation is controlled by our Chromdyne software, a reference in terms of management, control and validation of your installation.

In addition to our general management software, we have also developed other tools to give you even more control on your production (backup systems, automated installation, creation of batches and labels, …).

Based in Belgium, we can also rely on a solid distribution and service network and, for some specific regions, on external sales engineers to remain as close as possible to all its customers across the globe.

Contact information

Website: www.orthodyne.be

E-mail: sales@orthodyne.be

+31 (0)15 2 690 448