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EffecTech is the global leader in gas measurement, providing accredited inspection, calibration and testing services to the energy and power industries for gas quality, flow and total energy metering. EffecTech plays a key part in the global energy measurement system ensuring traceability and accuracy for natural gas and other transition fuels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), refinery gas, biofuels/biomethane and hydrogen-enhanced gaseous hydrocarbon fuels. Our highly trained and experienced staff provide fast and effective solutions to your fiscal, regulatory, contractual, safety and environmental gas measurement requirements.

EffecTech operates from Staffordshire in the UK, from Tarapur in India and from Doha in Qatar offering UKAS accredited calibration and testing laboratories at all sites. From these locations, EffecTech is able to supply high-quality products and services to customers all over the world.

Services include performance evaluations of analytical instrumentation, proficiency testing schemes, flow metering, validations for emissions trading requirements, and gas and condensate analysis. EffecTech also supplies primary reference gas mixtures (PRGMs), secondary reference gas mixtures (SRGMs) and calibrated gas mixtures (CGMs), accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. EffecTech is now also accredited to ISO/IEC 17034 for certified reference materials for natural gas and LNG, sulphur and odorants and continuous emissions monitoring gases.

In addition, EffecTech also provides consultancy programmes, tailored to your needs, from gas quality and LNG research projects and new instrument evaluation, to independent data processing and evaluation, and audits and inspections of sampling and laboratory quality systems. The EffecTech training academy offers standard and bespoke courses on a wide range of gas measurement topics to suit the needs of those working in gas quality and measurement roles.

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