Dalian Special Gases

Stand number: 29

Dalian Special Gases Co. Ltd is the main supplier of special gases market in China and has currently almost ten thousand customer groups. Dalian Special Gases’ service extends most provinces and cities throughout the country, with tens of thousands of annual output it is a net work unit. Dalian Special Gases is a major supplier of Sinopec, PetroChina, CNNOC, Baosteel, Shenhua and other large enterprise groups. In the year of 2018, Dalian Special Gases has achieved sales revenue around 30 mmUSD.

For more than 20 years, Dalian Special Gases is devoted to the research and development of high purity gases, standard gases and mixed gases. Dalian Special Gases’ products are widely used in instruments and meters, petrochemicals, metallurgy, electronics, light sources, scientific research, environmental protection, medical treatment, and so on.

Dalian Special Gases is member of the National Gas Standardization Committee, Chinese Society for Measurement, and China Instrument Association, and actively participates in a number of national gas standard system revision work. The company’s test center, by the lab for approval, is the study and verification platform unit of the national gas standard.

Since the founding of Dalian Special Gases, the company adheres to the tenets of “Integrity based, customer first” and management philosophies of “Quality oriented, pursuit excellence”. Dalian Special Gases strives for providing customers with a special gas total solution services, enabling company’s rapid development to achieve win-win results. After more than two decades, Dalian Special Gases has become a leading special gas company that can supply total gas solutions including calibration gases, industrial mixture gases, high purity gases, electronic gases, and E&I projects.

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