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Laser monitoring is a breakthrough invention in remote monitoring and networking of spatially separated sensors for comprehensive geo-spatial monitoring of various parameters enabled by innovative photonic systems. Accurate qualitative and quantitative data is collected in real time using a single laser source as a function of time and space.

Novel photonic systems were designed and developed. The systems are novel and innovatively uses principles of laser back scattering in the environment of operation. CATS is the only company providing single laser sensor that can monitor and record various environments, weather conditions, gases, bacteria, water quality, hydrodynamic signatures, wind profiling, et cetera.

CATS system is a state of art, one of its kind photonic sensing system with sensitivities and accuracies of 3 orders of magnitude higher compared to conventional suite of sensors. Moreover, the conventional sensors are fixed occupying a lot of space, huge and costly compared to the portable, lightweight single system capable of monitoring all parameters with no moving parts, cheap but more sensitive and which has the additional capabilities of monitoring the spatial profiles of parameters of interest.

We introduce novel photonic technologies that can digitally connect the world, thus introducing to the world a digital nervous system. The systems are first of their kind in the global scenario, with possibilities of opening new vistas in other domains.

Observe, infer and create knowlegde with CATS Laser Technologies.

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