Cambridge Sensotec

Stand number: 9.1

Established in the year 2000, Cambridge Sensotec Limited are manufacturers of a comprehensive range of online, portable and bench mounted gas analyzers which includes zirconia and electrochemical oxygen sensors, dual-gas analyzers such as CO2, CO, H2O and specialist SF6 analyzers for high voltage gear applications. Because the brand is global, with products in use in industries and universities across the world, Cambridge Sensotec has developed a network of experienced distributors to provide customer support. Having been carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the service, repair and calibration of the products, the distributors can provide a high quality and continuous service to customers. Close relationships with other businesses in the field of gas detection have allowed the distribution of a wide range of complementary products. The acquisition of Dynascan in 2014 has also provided us with the ability to deliver innovative leak detection systems.

More information is available at the Cambridge Sensotec website.

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