Integrity of instruments crucial for the process industry

The organisation of the GAS Analysis Events is working together with the Dutch organization for Industrial Automation, FHI. This network of providers of instruments and analysis equipment offers you the opportunity to visit their event in Rotterdam on 20 and 21 June 2017. The focus of this 2-day event is on the practical advantages of using the right instruments, analysis equipment and process automation.

The clear interpretation and the integrity of signals from instruments in a plant are extremely important for an effective and efficient process automation installation. The present developments in connectivity and digitisation create possibilities, which are referred to with terms like smart factory, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. The smart instruments are part of the answer to the challenges in optimisation, customisation, transparency and the desired control over the process. The knowledge on these craftsman’s subjects is provided in a programme of Instrumentation & Analysis Days.

The presentations on the two days are different, and many presentations will be in English. During these days, there will be a strong focus on neutral knowledge provided by vendors, end-users and other partners in the process industry. The diversity in the programme and the strong possibility for networking are offering you chances for the near future. Inspiration will be given from all kind of industries, like food, chemistry, oil & gas, water, and so on.

In so-called ‘Basics of …’ tracks, the basic knowledge of instruments and analysis equipment will be presented. They are usually very popular for all kind of craftsmen in the industry. The focus will be on flow, pressure, level, temperature and analysis equipment.

So you can read the programme on the site and register on this site for a free visit.

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