Field validation of moisture analyzers

The organisation of the GAS Analysis event in 2017 is working together with the Dutch organisation for Industrial Automation, FHI. This network of providers of instruments and analysis equipment gives you the possibility to visit their event in Rotterdam on June 20th and 21st. Several presentations are in English, like the talk of Gerard McKeogh of GE Oil & Gas, which company is also participating in the GAS Analysis event.

The properties of the water molecule present significant challenges in the on-line measurement of trace humidity levels in process applications. These physical attributes present even more significant challenges when field verification and calibration of these measurement techniques is desired or mandated.

In the past several decades, analyzer companies have introduced newer measurement technologies for the process industry. These address the speed of response and accuracy requirements of these high value applications. The same level of innovation has not yet occurred in calibration and verification techniques, which by their very nature, would be more accurate than the measurement technique they are validating.

For operators and engineers the timely and accurate measurements of moisture analyzers is important and has to be validated in the right way. The experts have to be convinced that the instruments give the right information. People have to trust the equipment, because the results can prevent the start of a process. A process can be stopped because of an intrusion of moisture as well.

The presentation of Gerard McKeogh will investigate how a plant can implement and maintain proper field validation techniques that allow for the highest level of accuracy for on-line trace moisture measurement.

You can read the full programme on the site and register on this site for a free visit.

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