Fast and On-Site Analysis of Natural Gas using a Mobile Gas Chromatograph

Remko van Loon, Agilent Technologies

Gas Chromatography is a widely used and proven technology for composition analysis of natural gas and other energy-rich gas streams. Using its composition, the calorific value and other physical properties of the gas can be calculated in accordance to international standards such as ISO 6976. In recent years a trend towards out-of-laboratory measurements is noticed. In case of gas analysis, the use of a miniaturized GC’s can simplify on-site analysis. It however requires, besides analytical instrument, some carry-on luggage such as gas and power supply, laptop, communication cables to the natural gas distribution point to do your measurements.

This poster shows the use and performance of on-site natural gas compositional analysis using a Micro GC equipped with a portable field case. The case protects valuable instrumentation under the most severe condition. It uses rechargeable batteries and gas cylinders to supply power and operational gases. In addition, by using technologies well-known in our day-to-day life, such as wireless connectivity, eliminate the need of a laptop and communication cables. The system can be controlled using a phone or tablet and allows to do calibration, start the analysis and view the results. Pre-defined alarms further improve the follow-up action by the operator when an unexpected result is found.

Pen Profile

Remko van Loon holds a bachelor degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen the Netherlands. He started at SGS (environmental analysis group) as a GC and GCMS analyst in 2004. Since he joined Varian in 2007 (later acquired by Agilent in 2010), he provided application support for various GC instruments.

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