Complete and fast natural gas analysis by a highly integrated GC gas analyser

Vincent Spiering, Qmicro (NL)

New developments on chip-to-chip integrated micro GC gas analyzers for fast on-line gas analysis applications are reported. Applying a pre-column and backflush to micro-detector technology allows fast analysis and a longer life time of the capillary column. The advantages of this technology in a micro GC for high-speed gas analysis are illustrated by means of on-line monitoring application of (air) contamination in a He/Ar mixture showing an only 7 seconds analysis speed.

Pen Profile

Vincent Spiering (1965) has a PhD in MEMS micro technology and was cofounder of C2V in the function of Sales & Marketing manager. He has led international cooperation projects in the field of microfluidics and micro Gas Chromatography. After managing the micro-GC production group, he became responsible for the business unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific in Enschede. He is now co-founder of Qmicro and acts there as business development manager and quality manager.

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