Novel and Miniaturized GC detector for industrial analysis of Gases

Ludovic Debusschere, Apix Analytics (FR)

APIX Analytics develops and manufactures systems with a unique technology: a nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) resonator which is a small, sensitive, and fast sensor. This technology is the result of 8 years of CEA/CALTECH cooperation and 15 patents with exclusive licensing agreement. It enables to replace FID detection with a small and easy to operate detector without requiring flame or hydrogen.
NEMS is a silicon-based cantilever that resonates at a defined resonance frequency. By monitoring the resonance frequency of the NEMS resonator, the concentration of the gas of interest can be measured after having performed a calibration of the NEMS response. The larger the change in the NEMS resonance frequency, the higher the concentration of the gas is.
The detector has a very high dynamic range from sub-ppm to 100% and the limits of detection of NEMS can reach few hundred of ppb, and less for heavier compounds. APIX analytical cartridge embeds a NEMS and a TCD detector that are connected in series at the output of the GC column.
NEMS fabrication is SOI CMOS-compatible process, allowing for mass wafer-scale device production. This well mastered know how is already industrialized and compatible with high volume ramp-up. The surface can be functionalized to provide enhanced specific chemical detection.
This system intelligence is currently fully integrated within a small footprint plug & play module enabling easier use, maintenance and quick analysis with multiplexed modules or wider application area with several specific modules assembled in a single system.
APIX is notably developing the Chrompix : a new Gas Chromatography system for Multiplexed GC Analyses
– Fully integrated multi-gas analyzer
– Industry standard 19’’ rack
– Modular and Evolutive architecture
– Up to 4 plug & play analytical modules for simultaneous analyses of a single sample

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Ludovic Debusschere has international experience in Business Unit management, Sales and Marketing of Measurement Instrumentation.

Specialties: International Sales and Marketing – P&L Responsibility – Strategic Planning – Product Management – Customer Focus

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