Gas Analysis Working Group (GAW): A network of academic practitioners for gas analysis in bioenergy processes

Markus Kleinhappl,Ā Chemical Engineering, Leoben Univ. Mining a. Materials (AT)

An international working group on gas analysis in the field of bioenergy (GAW) was 2011 established. Originally focusing on biomass gasification process the GAW is now expanding the application field to biogas processes as well as combustion processes. Members of actual GAW come primarily from academia (universities, national labs). In total 20 R&D organisations and roughly 200 experts are loosely connected via this network working in field of gas analysis in bioenergy processes.One specialty of the GAW is the connection of research managers, technicians and PhD students across R&D organisations. This allows increasing the quality of the work considerably. The academic partners operate research facilities on a bench scale as well as pilot and demonstrations plant together with their industrial partners. Therefore the diagnostic needs are brought and sometimes unique, which need a fruitful exchange with suppliers of analytical instruments.
The GAW was initiated in 2011 in Berlin in the framework of a workshop of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) for the exchange of experience in the field of tar measurement. Follow up workshop as part of the official EUBCE program were organised in 2012, 2013 and 2014.
Since 2015 the workshop is organised as a separate workshop, but still aligned with the EUBCE. The scope of analytical topics was expanded since the first workshop. Presentations are accessible via a homepage of the GAW: http://www.gas-analysis-webinars.org. Multiple webinars were organised for detailed presentation of results and in depth discussions: e.g. application of different diagnostic toolboxes for complex sampling tasks, detailed methods in sampling
inorganic compounds such as sulphur compounds, systematic measures for quality measures, etc. Beside the exchange of experiences and knowledge via workshop and webinars also coordinated application/performance round robin test are performed for comparative application of new measurements methods.
By selected examples the lecture at the GAS ANALYSIS 2017 will present how the GAW is handling technical and non-technical challenges in the gas analysis world which we are encountering today and in future.
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Approach and expertise; in new media channels The annual GAW-workshop contains the experience report of experts and the discussion of two relevant questions in duration of one day. The content and conclusions are conserved within the noted URL. From about 200 participants – several attend each year – give a positive feedback, based from sufficient discussion of topics and satisfactory detail in content. E.g. the extension for the future application like the characterization and treatment of biogas is received. The technical tool of frequent webinars is used as new electronic media for time efficient meetings about details, fundamental information and recent developments. The networking and information exchange is organised with doodle-polls, and also the regular appointments coordinated.


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The GAW group combines scientific expertise with new media channels

GAW has realized 3 wikis (compare to common Wikipedia) to present the status of common knowledge, development and also the results of round robin work: titles

The GAW assessments are done in host site campaigns, including for the measurement itself the whole chain: [1] sample extraction, [2] treatment or sample preparation, [3] separation or enrichment/accumulation, separation (e.g. chromatography) and further [4] identification and [5] quantification incl. quality GLP.


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