On Site evaluation of air pollutants emission from semiconductor facilities

Chun-Ling Chang, ITRI (TW)

The company general use local scrubber or washing tower in the back-end of process in order to deal with the pollutants of semiconductor process such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. The pollutants are treated by two instruments, and then discharged through the pipeline vent to the surrounding. This research used Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) as a 24-hour on-site continuous monitoring in a pipeline of CVD process. Base on N2O and NF3 24-hour monitoring data were showed that we could find the period of time which is used the most in the process gases. Therefore we choose this period of time for gas sampling on filed. On the other hand, N2O and NF3 are fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-GHG). We could analyse the concentration of N2O and NF3 to determine the destruction or removal efficiency (DRE) value of local scrubbers. We could also analyse the concentration of C2H4 and CH4 to optimize the fuel use inside combustion-type local scrubbers. Finally, the sampling gases were analyzed to find the concentration of VOCs by Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The results show the odor species concentration of process emission were determined. The results of the field verification, the maximum concentration values were 482 ppm CH4, 16 ppm C2H4, 25 ppm N2O, and 6.3 ppm NF3 in 24 hour measurement. The concentration of VOCs are below 1 ppm besides alcohol, those concentrations are in the olfactory threshold of the low.

Pen Profile

Gas concertation analysis, dynamic gas concentration generation, the performance testing of gas analysis.

Job qualifications(5 years)
The Principal of Cylinder Gas Concentration Measurement System
The Principal of Gas Concentration Dilution Device and Analysis Equipment Calibration System
Build up Physiological Influence Generating Device for Breath Alcohol Analyzer

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