Implementation of a quality infrastructure for traceable measurements of greenhouse gases and biogas to support Latin America through CRMs development

Andreia de Lima Fioravante, Inmetro (BR)

The protection of the environment and its resources depends on long term and confident measurements. An efficient quality infrastructure is one of the basic conditions for the active participation of developing and emerging countries to overcome national and global ecological challenges.

A regional project “the Regional fund quality infrastructure for biodiversity & climate protection in Latin America and the Caribbean” was agreed by the partners OAS, COPANT, SIM, IAAC and PTB.  One of the subprojects supported by the fund aims at strengthening QI for Traceable Measurement of Greenhouse Gases to support their Measurement, report and verification. The Brazilian Metrology Institute – Inmetro, is one of the participating NMIs together with other five (05) countries coordinated by Cenam. The other subproject coordinated by Inmetro together with 04 (four) other countries from Latin and Central America is to develop methodologies for the analysis of the composition of biogas, viability study of its reference material production, dissemination support through countries of South America and Central America in order to develop a renewable confident source of energy measurements In order to provide tools to guarantee the reliability of quality measurements of both GHG and biogas, these projects aim to develop and validate new methodologies by different techniques in order to provide services of calibration, besides developing a viability study for the production of certified reference material of GHG of the highest quality available and compatible with WMO/GAW data quality, as well as of biogas.
These services based on traceable measurements can be judged as new and innovative due to the nature of the applications to be promoted, making available local CRMs and their dissemination to end users in the participant countries.

Pen Profile

Andreia Fioravante, graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2003 from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards, she received her master’s degree (2006) degrees in Chemical and Biochemical Process Technology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and, now her PhD degree is in progress at the same program. Currently, she is a metrology researcher from the Gas Analysis Laboratory at the Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro). Works with the analysis and development of primary standard gas mixtures of energy, forensic and environment certified reference materials.

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