Natural Gas + H2 Analysis

Susana Ávila Calzada, Enagás, S.A. (ES)

In recent years, projects on H2 injection in natural gas have expanded, they have some advantages like a better use of the renewable energy, progress towards free-carbon energy, optimization to existing transport networks or decreasing land scape impact of energy networks.
Nevertheless the current analytical equipments for natural gas are not adapted to measure H2. Consequently, Enagás is studying the analytical possibilities for this new situation.
Two gas mixtures were measured with an ABB NGC 8206, current measuring equipment. This field gas chromatograph is able to separate H2 from other compounds of natural gas although with low sensitivity when helium is used as carrier gas.
If these chromatographs were not adapted to measure H2, the CV deviation would be 1% for 1,1% H2 and 2,8% for 3,9% H2.
Some alternatives to current gas chromatographs are gas chromatographs adapted to H2 measuring (Enagás tested Micro GC Agilent 490), multigas sensors or quality tracking systems. There are also hydrogen sensors. Although, these are not a definitive solution, these devices can be used to warn of the presence of hydrogen in the natural gas network.

Enagás tested the hydrogen sensor 2799AS-E H2scan. Five reference gas mixtures (ISO 17025 certified) were analyzed. The results obtained shown that this device is easy to use, has the appropriate security certifications, allows to obtain results in a brief time without interference of other natural gas components and it allows the accuracy declared by the manufacturer (± 0,3 % H2).

Pen Profile

Mrs. Susana Ávila
She made her studies in Chemistry Science in the University of Zaragoza (Spain). Her Ph.D. Thesis was made related to Dew Point measurements and theoretical predictions.
She has been working in the Gas Industry almost 30 years in several areas, always related to the measurement of the natural gas quality and, at present, she is working as Project Manager of Research and Innovative Projects.
She is involved in several Projects concerning quality, properties and energy measurement in natural gas. Likewise, she normally gives courses and training people to improve their skills and knowledge in those fields.
Currently, she is representative of Enagás in National and International Organisms such as AENOR or ISO where collaborates in the elaboration of standards.
She attends and participates in International Congress within Gas Sector such as IGRC, Gas Symposium, etc. making presentations and written down papers and articles.

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