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V&F from Absam, Austria is a manufacturer of online mass spectrometers. The company was founded in 1985 by the two physicists J. Villinger & W. Federer. In 1986 V&F introduced the first mass spectrometer with the patented Ion Molecule Reaction technology (IMR).

Today, IMR is one of the most sensitive techniques for the real-time detection of organic and inorganic compounds in gases. Along the way, V&F mass spectrometers have found their way into a wide range of applications in various industries.

For example, the IMR technology is regarded standard in quality control for food grade CO2. The CO2Sense instrument fulfills all standards from ISBT, EIGA and CGA. Even further compounds can be added via remote access. In addition to the final CO2 product gas, our analyzers are capable to analyze the feed- and
process gas as well.

Besides the flagship patented Ion Molecule Reaction technology V&F employ other mass spectrometric techniques too. Magnetic Sector Field (SF) analyzers are used to detect hydrogen or helium and Electron Impact Mass Spectrometry (EIMS) in combination with a quadrupole mass filter is used in classical multicomponent analysis.

Contact information

Contact person 1: Alexander Genuin | Head of Marketing & Sales

E-mail: alexander.genuin@vandf.com

Contact person 2: Dr. Christian Leidlmair | Research and Application Development

E-mail: christian.leidlmair@vandf.com

Website: www.vandf.com

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