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“Chang Ai” was established in 2004. We are a high-tech corporation that is specialized in studying, developing, producing and selling world leading gas sensors, analyzers and systems. As analyzer manufacturer, we consider our scientific and technology personnel the main body of our company.

Our company has multiple invention patents, and hundreds of utility model and design patents. We deal with various Chinese major projects like: National Innovation Fund, intensified new product project, Torch Program, achievement transformation, etc. Chang Ai has become the drafting company of the national standard for electrochemical method of trace oxygen measuring in the gases, which has establised the position of leadership of Chang Ai company.

Chang Ai focuses on the reseach and development of various analysis and testing technologies. We have eight series and more than 100 different models: oxygen analyzer series, moisture (dew-point) series, thermal conductivity analyzer series, infrared gas analyzer series, laser (DLAS) analyzer series, high temperature humidity analyzer, liquid phase analyzer series, and all kinds of continuous analyzing systems.

Our products are widely used in the environmental, metallurgical, petrochemical, chemical, energy, food, agricultural, transportation, water, construction, pharmaceutical, brewing, and aviation sector as well as other industries and in scientific research. We export to more than twenty countries like Germany, United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Russia, etc.

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