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Picarro is the world’s leading producer of stable isotope and gas concentration measurement systems for science and industry. Picarro’s products serve a wide variety of applications, including: energy exploration and distribution, earth sciences, air quality, greenhouse gas fugitive emissions measurements, and supply chain integrity. Deployed on all seven continents in places as diverse as the Greenland Ice Cap, The Eiffel Tower, NASA aircraft, and Pacific Gas & Electric’s natural gas leak detection vehicles, Picarro’s technology, Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) is the core of all instruments and makes all systems unparalleled in their precision, ease of use, portability, and reliability, at parts-per-billion resolution. The company’s products are all designed and manufactured at Picarro’s Santa Clara, California headquarters and exported to countries worldwide.

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Website: www.picarro.com

Visiting address: 3105 Patrick Henry Dr. | Santa Clara 95054 | California  | USA

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