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Inventech Benelux

Inventech Benelux is a distributor of advanced analytical instruments for in-line process analysis and laboratory measurements. We deliver a wide range of specialized analytical instruments from well-known brands which are used worldwide to optimize processes as efficiently as possible.

Interested in which analytical instrument could optimize your process?
Our product specialists have many years of experience in a broad range of industries and applications. Together with our extensively trained service engineers they will make sure the instrument is well tested and fits perfectly into your process. The VCA Certified Service use their knowledge  when installing the instrument and will provide an accurate training and maintenance if necessary.

To improve gas analysis in various industries and processes, our wide range of analytical instruments make it possible to meet your process demands. We offer a wide variety of measurement principles (among others: TDL, paramagnetic, Zirconia oxide, UV, etc.)  for different (hazardous) environments, meeting the latest norms and standards.  Whether you need to continuous control the gas composition, reduce emissions or optimize combustion we will deliver the most fitted, accurate and reliable analyzer for your process.

Besides gas analysers we also have a wide range of analysers (Density, viscosity, refractive index, etc.) for liquids and analysers (particle sizing and – characterization, moisture, etc) for solids.

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SpectraSensors, an Endress+Hauser company, is a leading global provider of laser-based process instrumentation. We design and manufacture TDLAS and Raman analyzers for on-line monitoring of H2O, H2S, CO, CO2, C2H2, NH3, H2, N2, and other components in the process gas streams.  We also offer Quenched Fluorescence analyzers for on-line, real-time measurements of O2.  All analyzers are built to ensure the highest levels of efficiency with reliable measurements and low cost of operation.  Our analyzers are used in the natural gas, synthetic natural gas, LNG, gas processing, petrochemical, refinery, and atmospheric testing industries.

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