Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions, Convergence & AlyTech

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Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) was established as a laboratory support provider in 2000. Today Da Vinci has become the versatile partner to laboratories by offering chromatographic solutions that address all analytical challenges starting from sample preparation, analysis,reporting, data management up to providing technical support and supplies.

Our mission is to boost laboratory efficiency through:

As a result of our wide range of solutions and high level of expertise Da Vinci is able to meet all analytical needs.

Contact information

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions B.V.

Cairostraat 10 | 3047 BC Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Website: www.davinci-ls.com

E-mail: solutions@davinci-ls.com

Phone: +31 (0)10 258 1870 | Fax: +31 (0)10 258 1879



In January 2010, Convergence was founded as a spin-off company from Twente University (NL). Ever since, Convergence specialized in the design and manufacturing of a wide range customized liquid and gas handling systems for laboratory and industry purposes.

To evaluate single and mixed gases (up to 10 gases), Convergence developed customized gas separation and permeation systems. These systems can control any gas mixture at user required pressures and flows. The systems can be furnished with evaporator units and integrated GC’s for composition analysis.

Our mission is to be ‘Triple A’ in improving research and handling fluïda:

The modern and user-friendly design of Convergence’s custom pilot, combined with an excellent support and product training makes working with a measurement and control system reliable, easy and efficient.

Contact information

Convergence Industry B.V.

Euregioweg 283 | 7532 SM Enschede | The Netherlands

Website: www.con-vergence.com

E-mail: info@con-vergence.com



AlyTech is a French company manufacturing GasMix™ gas mixers-dilutors, and distributing PAC-Antek instruments. We have been the exclusive distributor in France, South of Belgium and North Africa of the PAC-Antek products since 1999. The product range includes laboratory and online analyzers for total  nitrogen and total sulfur; as well as GC and LC specific sulfur and nitrogen detectors.

At the beginning of the 2000’s, we created the GasMix ™ Aiolos, a gas-mixer dilutor for analyzers automatic calibration. This system enables preparing gas standards from 2 to 12 gases according to the ISO 6145-7, for multi-point calibration. Its software internal development along with the support of the IFPen mathematicians – in the frame of SME/SMB scheme – makes it a unique and very powerful product. Since then, the family of GasMix™ mixers-dilutors has expanded with the launch of LiqMix that generates standard gases by liquids vaporization and Zephyr, the GasMix™ miniaturized version.

AlyTech is also more than that! This is a team of chemists and technicians serving the analysts. Thanks to more than ten years of experience in chromatography and elementary analysis, we are able to provide a true know-how and a comprehensive maintenance and remote maintenance service.

Contact information

Website: www.alytech.fr

+31 (0)15 2 690 147