APIX Analytics

Stand number: 31

APIX Analytics develops and manufactures a new generation of multi-gas analyzers out with conventional technologies for industrial (measurement of gas quality, process monitoring, …), or environmental applications.

With its miniaturized systems, based on the full integration of the key functions of gas chromatography technologies within a miniaturized analytical module designed for plug & play use, APIX is able to perform in situ and real-time measurements, with reduced investments and operational while improving the performances of conventional techniques.

Contact information

Phone: +33 4 80 80 51 90

E-mail: contact@apixanalytics.com

Website: www.apixanalytics.com

Visiting address: Miniparc Polytec – Bâtiment Tramontane | 60 rue des Berges | 38000 Grenoble | France

+31 (0)15 2 690 147